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Hong Kong Dance Company has scooped five awards at the 23rd Hong Kong Dance Awards

We are delighted to announce that Hong Kong Dance Company has scooped five awards at the 23rd Hong Kong Dance Awards:

The soul-searching production Nine Songs by Hong Kong Dance Company and Freespace has won the Outstanding Large Venue Production Award as well as the Outstanding Ensemble Performance Award.

Award citations:
Hong Kong Dance Company’s first staging of Helen Lai’s 1991 masterpiece shows that, 30 years on, the work has lost nothing of its power. This flawless production weaves together choreography, music, design and performance with consummate artistry, demonstrating the dedication, professionalism and talent of the entire team. Memorable, impressive and an ideal celebration of the 30th anniversary of Nine Songs and the 40th anniversary of Hong Kong Dance Company.

The Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance is presented to the dancers of the Hong Kong Dance Company for Nine Songs. Hong Kong Dance Company’s artists rise to the challenge of this seminal work in splendid style, responding impressively to the complex score and drawing on their Chinese dance heritage with profound feeling. In a tour de force of dancing, the whole company performs with unwavering intensity and unflagging energy, striking the perfect balance between the discipline and precision on the one hand, the freedom and abandon on the other, the choreography demands.

Convergence, a culminating work created through a three-year interdisciplinary research study on Chinese dance and Chinese martial arts traditions, is awarded Outstanding Online Production.

Award citation:
The Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Online Production is presented to Hong Kong Dance Company and Freespace for Convergence. This online production springing from a long-term research project offers local and global audiences the chance to explore the relationship between Chinese dance and martial arts. By expanding traditional martial arts movement, choreographed patterns and new body languages are discovered using speed, ferocity, strength, and explosive power. This innovative presentation brings the viewer a refreshing experience in dance and natural form.

HKDC Principal Dancer Hua Chi-yu is honoured with the Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer Award again, for her formidable performance in Nine Songs. Hua has already received the award three times before for her artistic excellence.

Award citation:
Hua Chi-yu’s performance is mesmerising from start to finish, whether using her body to create bizarre, angular images reminiscent of insects, literally running up her partner’s body in a spectacular duet or matching every note and beat of the complex score with thrilling fast runs on her toes, packed with tiny, intricate steps. In addition to her extraordinary technique, the intensity of her stage presence, her expressiveness and ability to convey emotion are utterly compelling.

Huang Lei, HKDC's Dance Master, has won the Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer Award for his unforgettable performance in Nine Songs. This is Huang's fourth Hong Kong Dance Award!

Award Citation:
In this electrifying performance, Huang Lei is a veritable force of nature, his movements, whether frenzied or slow, conveying a primal, almost primitive power, contrasting blazing energy with moments of stillness and control. While his physical virtuosity is astounding, nothing is done for display, his technical prowess is merely the vessel for his supreme artistry.

Kudos to our unflaggingly committed team! Keep up the good work! And BIG thanks to our fans and audiences for your continued support!