Dance Theatre
Nezha: Untold Solitude
10-11.6.2022 (Fri-Sat) 7:45pm
11-12.6.2022 (Sat-Sun) 3:00pm
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
$480 $380 $280 $180 $80 (Evenings)
$380 $280 $220 $160 $80 (Matiness)


Rebellious Youth: A Rough Diamond

Nezha's story may resonate with one and all, but it is the tale of every man as an individual. His Legend is our collective story, which epitomises the solitary path we all journey on as we race to seek and find where our souls truly belong.
Growing Up: Discovering his own identity;
Self-Sacrifice: His ultimate choice in the face of fated conflict;
Rebirth: A new lease of life – transformed by love and loneliness.
Everything is enveloped in love. It is love that allows one to grow, even when one stumbles and falls. Love is support from family and what helps sustain us during times when one must endure alone. When one has mastered loneliness as an inextricable quality, so does one's love expand and become a ceaseless pursuit.
Embrace Solitude, and in turn, be Embraced by Love.
Production Team:
Director & Choreographer: Yang Yuntao

Associate ChoreographerXie Yin

Composer & Sound Designer: Lawrence Lau

Naamyam (Cantonese Narrative Song): The Gong Strikes One

Dramaturg: Janice Poon*

Set Designer: Jan Wong

Costume Designer: Mandy Tam

Lighting Designer: Yeung Tsz-yan

Video Designer: Dan Fong

*By kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts