Costume & Prop Rentals

Terms and Conditions / Hiring Fees

I. Conditions

1. The hirer must submit a written application to the Hong Kong Dance Company at least fourteen days prior to the check out date by completing the “Costume and Props Hire Application” and providing registration documentation.

2. The Hong Kong Dance Company will notify the hirer by telephone the outcome of the application. Approved hirer should pay the total hire fee and the damage deposit by crossed cheque by the check out date.

II. Fees

Categories Fees (HK$)
(per item per week)
1. Small props and costume accessories $150 (Non-profit organisations)
$300 (Others)
2. Modern dress for support roles $250 (Non-profit organisations)
$500 (Others)
3. Modern dress for main roles and ethnic dress for support roles $500 (Non-profit organisations)
$1000 (Others)
4. Ethnic dress for main roles, large robes and other unusual costumes $700 (Non-profit organisations)
$1400 (Others)
5. Stage/lighting equipment and other high value items Please contact the Technical Department with your requirement.

*The Production Manager of the Technical Department may adjust the hiring fee in response to different situations with the approval of the Executive Director.

*The full one-week rate is applied to hires less than one week in duration.


1. All hired items must not be altered.

2. In case of damage or loss, the hirer will be charged the cost of repurchasing or reproducing the item.

3. All costume and accessories must be dry-cleaned before returning. Props should be cleaned appropriately. Should there be questions on how to clean an item, please contact the Hong Kong Dance Company.

4. The hire fee must be settled in full on the check out date. No refund would be issued at the early return of checked out items or on the occasion of cancelling the hire.

5. All hired items must be returned on the agreed date. If the hirer returns items after the agreed date without written approval from the Hong Kong Dance Company, they are liable to an additional hire fee as well as a compensation payable to the Company for loss as a result of their action. The Company may also consider not approving future hire applications from such organisations.

6. The Hong Kong Dance Company reserves the right to approve hirers.


Costume and Props Hire Application