Programme Outline

A Unique Innovative Education Model


Emphasizes skills training to enhance coordination and flexibility so that students are able to accomplish such aspects of dance as turn-out, pointe and extension of body. In addition to training students in correct posture, this strengthens their foundational concepts of traditional aesthetic and dance performance.


Provides a wide range of platforms for students of different levels to develop their performing skills. Through performances, students learn about teamwork and the concept of working towards objectives. Connecting with other arts organizations to seek for more showcases and to gain valuable learning experience.
Note: Recommended students will have chances to perform in various platforms.
In case of any dispute, the decision of Hong Kong Dance Company is final.


In addition to lessons in the classroom, students are encouraged to watch Hong Kong Dance Company’s main productions regularly. We organize seminars by dance education practitioners and specialists, as well as observation of training sessions and rehearsals by HKDC’s professional dancers. This allows students to hone their artistic sensibility by bringing their learning from theory into practice. We also organize various exchange activities to mainland China and the other parts of the world, which enhance students to step out of classrooms to see, to feel and to appreciate arts in different perspectives.