Children’s & Youth Troupes

Children’s and Youth Troupes

The Children’s and Youth Troupes were established in 2006 and 2008 respectively. There are about 300 members aged from 4-18. The Troupes aim to promote Chinese dance and provide comprehensive professional dance and arts training to children and young people. Hong Kong Dance Company has developed a unique innovative educational model, “Training—Performance—Appreciation”, which allows students to acquire high-quality dance training and also focus on their personal artistic development. Our instructors are highly qualified dance professionals who are dedicated to dance education and to pass an important aspect of Chinese cultural heritage on to the next generation of dancers. We pledge to provide an artistic environment where our young performers can enjoy the fun, freedom and beauty of creativity.

Since their inception, the Troupes have created and performed many popular children’s dance works which were unanimously praised and positively received. Other than providing valuable opportunities to gain stage experience, the Troupes also emphasize and actively engage in cultural exchange events.

Artistic Adviser

Pan Zhitao

What’s On


Ms. Cai Fei

Tel.: 3103 1816

Ms. Yau Man-hung

Tel.: 3103 1817

Mr. Chan Kin Chiu

Tel.: 3103 1812



Office hour

10:00am - 6:00pm (Tuesday - Saturday)